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Hughes showed Knight a copy of that photo, which showed Knight’s face clearly. She asked him if he could identify the man pictured in the photo. Knight studied the photo for some time, but was unable to identify himself, Perkins-Vance said.

Knight, who shaves without a mirror, said he has caught only glimpses of his reflection in pools of water.

"He hasn’t seen himself in the mirror for well over 20 years," Hughes said. "It’s a very unusual situation."

The story about the 'North Pond Hermit' in Maine is quite spectacular.

This will be good.

  on Flickr.Weird workshop window.

on Flickr.

Weird workshop window.

Amber Hands by S.C.U.M

Reminds me of a polished version of some 80s punk. Really like the sound on this one.

/via Ronnie Rocket at New Music United, who shared the demo version some months ago.

I want to start sharing some more music, and Tumblr is a nice place to do that—plus, this blog was just lying around anyway.

This is a current favorite that reminds me of Copenhagen, Distortion, sun, friends and all-around great musical niceness.

Give it a spin.

This is still my favorite quote.

(Also, it’s nice that people seem to appreciate the wallpaper I made.)

I need to watch Arrested Development again soon.

(Source: tmblg)

"Where Are You Go" is a documentary about three guys doing the longest competitive cycling race in the world: Tour d’Afrique.

It lasts four months—7,000 miles from Cairo to Cape Town.

Favorite part of the trailer is the australian guy who has never had a bicycle before (!).